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Books translated by Mari Takenouchi 竹野内真理の翻訳本
『人間と環境への低レベル放射能の脅威(The Petkau Effect/ Original German: Der Petkau-Effect Katastrophale Folgen niedriger Radioaktivitat)』
『原発閉鎖が子供を救う(Radioactive Baby Teeth: The Cancer Link)』
『低線量内部被曝の脅威ー原発周辺の健康破壊と疫学的立証の記録(The Enemy Within)』


Unit 731 and Comfort Women 731部隊は慰安婦からの日本軍性病予防のため、中国人捕虜で性病感染実験をしていた!

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Unit 731、広島、長崎、チェルノブイリ、福島についてのこちらのページもどうぞ。

Unit 731 conducted horrendous STD experiment using Chinese POWs for Japanese Army to prevent STD among Japanese soldiers who had sex with comfort women!!

Below is the excerpts of lecture made by journalist Ms. Rumiko Nishino who collected testimonies of comfort women and Unit 731 issues. 




The translated book into Japanese is not sold anymore but here is the English book, titled "Unit 731 Testimonies"  Please refer to Ms. Rumiko Nishino's section.


Unit 731 Testimony
By Hal Gold


A former Unit 731 medical technician took charge of medical inspection of comfort women for Japanese Army.  He took blood sample from them and passed them to Unit 731.


He visited comfort stations here and there and conducted blood inspection for dozens of women or even 100 per day.


Most Japanese 731 related books do not refer to comfort women issues.


However, in the sole 731 related legal case called Khabarovks Trial, there is a record of organized sexually transmitted diseases group within Unit 731, which was under the tuberculosis group conducted by the leader Hideo Niki.


Hideo Niki passed away without testifying, but the journalist Ms. Nishino looked for a survivor in his group and found a hospitalized man in his 80s.  She asked him why he quit his job as a doctor and went to a village in a deep mountaneous area leading self-sufficient life. 


On the day 1, he didn't say anything.  But when she was leaving his hospital room on the day 2 greeting for good-bye, he stopped her, broke down in floods of tears and confessed the following.


"Last night, I was thinking various things.  I thought I was going to bring this story to hell, but I decided to leave this story to you."


He himself participated in vivisection on 6 Chinese women.


The vivisection had been conducted sometimes with anaesthetic and sometimes without it.


One day, a woman under anaesthetic woke up on the operation bench, and cried out, "It is OK to kill me, but please do not kill children!"


4 or 5 people including him tied her onto the bed and applied anaesthetic again and conducted her vivisection.


Since then, this memory could not be detached from his mind, and he thought he was going to bring this memory with him to Hell.


He also heard the following stories from former Unit 731 members.

Connection between Comfort Women and Unit 731 issues


Unit 731 had been studying STDs because Japanese Army utilized comfort women in those days.  It was their mission to make a research on the mechanism of STD development and tried to prevent Japanese soldiers' STDs.


STDs became a serious issue inside the Japanese Army.  Due to the spread of STDs, disciplines and effectiveness of military was threatened, and the Japanese Army's General Headquarter expected Unit 731 to solve this issue.


At first, Unit 731 made women infected with syphilis through injection, but they couldn't get good results, so they decided to make Chinese POWs infected with STDs through sexual intercourse.


The researchers made the POWs conduct sexual intercourse forcefuly.  The group of 4 or 5 unit members in white robes with only eye and mouth areas open conducted the experiments.


They put a couple of man and woman, one of which had been infected with shyphilis, and forced them to have sex in front of them.  Anybody who resisted to their order was shot dead on the spot.


When a healthy person gets infected with STD, Unit 731 reserachers observed the development process of the disease, and confirmed the progress one week after, 3 weeks after and one month after the infection.


The researchers not only observed the outer signs of the diseases such as reproductive organs, but also conducted vivisection to check various organs to see what stage the lesions were in.


Experiment using Children


Currently, another issue is getting attention; experiment on children.


Mr. Hisato Yoshimura, who conducted frostbite human experiments in Unit 731, is known to be a renowned researcher.


He even used 3-day-old baby and dipped the baby in ice water and thoroughly recorded the temperature changes.


According to the records in China, these babies were born among Chinese POWs who were forced to have sex for STDs experiment and POWs who were originally pregnant.

Rape until the Last Moment


According to another researcher, one day along with another researcher, they tried to rape Chinese women.  His colleage raped one in a small room.


When he was trying to rape another woman, he saw some of her fingers missing due to frostbite experiment.  Due to progressed gangrene, her finger bones were black.  Still he tried to rape her and found her genital area was festered and pus was oozing.  He left the room and later used her for his vivisection.

Unit 731、広島、長崎、チェルノブイリ、福島についてのこちらのページもどうぞ。
Please also read this on Unit 731, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, and Fukushima.

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