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On January 28th, 2014, I received a telephone call from Iwaki Minami police office in Fukushima, noticing me that the leader of Fukushima ETHOS Ms. Ryoko Ando (real name is Yoko Kamata) filed a legal complaint against me.


Ms. Kamata insists that my following tweet is the subject to "criminal contempt."

世紀の罪人2人に共通項→日本に原発導入した中曽根康弘「2011年の日本がこんなにくたびれているとは思わなかった。」 エートスを主催する(御用)市民活動家、安東量子「戦後67年かけて辿り着いたのが、こんな世界とかや。」長崎の日にて

Mari Takenouchi's tweet  @mariscontact

Common points of the 2 criminals of the century:
Yasuhiro Nakasone who introduced nuclear power to Japan
"I've never thought that Japan 2011 could be so worn-out."
Ryoko Ando, government sided citizen activist who leads ETHOS "What a world are we getting 67 years after the war" (On the day of Nagasaki)


Mr. Yasuhiro Nakasone passed the nuclear budget at the Diet in 1954, when anti-nuclear movement was mounting after the Lucky Dragon Bikini H-bomb case, under the slogan, "Poison can control other poison."


On September 2011, after the Fukushima nuclear accident, he stated the above in spite of the fact that he was the very person who introduced nuclear power to earthquake prone country like Japan.


Ms. Ryoko Ando read the above poem of her own on the Day of Nagasaki, in spite of the fact that she is the very person who diseminate false safety myth in Fukushima to encourage people to keep living in contaminated zones.


I thought these two have something in common.  Though they themselves have been involved in horrendous actions, nuclear power introduction to Japan and scattering radiation safety myth in Fukushima, they pretend that they do not know anything.


I do not think the word, "criminals of the century" is not neccesarily an over reaction in especially a country like Japan, the victim of nuclear weapon and nuclear power.


On twitter, people often use word, "Class A Criminal," when describing someone who has the main responsibility.


I have been always feeling strong resentment that nobody has taken true responsibility after the nuclear accident while lots of children are left being exposed to radiation.


I do not think the above tweet of mine is subject to "criminal contempt."


If it was, I believe Mr. Nakasone and Ms Ando are subject to more serious criminal codes.


In any case, I hope this case would be known to public widely.


Ms. Ryoko Ando, the leader of Fukushima ETHOS

"It is important to establish your own standard of radiation safety to achieve your true sense of security."

↑ I really do not understand what she has been saying.
Please relocate children from Fukushima!  It is dangerous to live there.
The truth is as simple as this!

Tokyo Newspaper Reported ETHOS on January 1, 2014

The following is my explanation of ETHOS.

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    1. 同氏は現在、福島ダイアログという団体の代表として、今度はトリチウム放出を応援していらっしゃるようです。