Books translated by Mari Takenouchi竹野内真理の翻訳本

Books translated by Mari Takenouchi 竹野内真理の翻訳本
『人間と環境への低レベル放射能の脅威(The Petkau Effect/ Original German: Der Petkau-Effect Katastrophale Folgen niedriger Radioaktivitat)』
『原発閉鎖が子供を救う(Radioactive Baby Teeth: The Cancer Link)』
『低線量内部被曝の脅威ー原発周辺の健康破壊と疫学的立証の記録(The Enemy Within)』


安倍首相が投票集計機ムサシの株を大量保有! PM Abe owns many stocks of MUSASHI, vote counting machine company!

Abe's word in 2002: "A small sized A-bomb does not violate the Constitution."
The counting system of the upcoming Lower House national election is depends on MUSASHI.

Amazingly, PM Abe's father was a major stock holder of MUSASHI company.

 Secrecy Law to be implemented on this timing for hiding the MUSASHI scandal!?

Journalist Mr. Shunsuke Funase said,
"Let's keep chanting, MUSASHI, MUSASHI!"



Through this "so-called legal" election, Japan will turn to be a dictatorial country.

Hitler wisely said, "It is the natural consequence of people who chose us."

MUSASHI, the computer software company...

Why did Liberal Democratic Party made landslide victory in the previous election?

Because Mr. Shintaro Abe, the father of Prime Minister Abe, is a big stock holder of MUSASHI.

A nation's Prime Minister's holding company is doing the caliculation of votes in a monopolized manner.

In last time's Lower House election, Tokyo Governor's election was also held simultaneously at the same places, but the number of votes had 1.4 million gaps!

This calculation was done by MUSASHI.

All the anti-nuclear delegats lost their seats.

Some source said, Japan Future Party got 10 million votes but they were all vanished.

The Prime Minister's holding company is conducting the vote counting all by itself.

The neutrality of election is completely collapsed.

The Prime Minister can do all he wants.


If that is the case, why on earth do we have to go voting?


So all we need to do is to chant, "MUSASHI, MUSASHI!"


A journalist called Mr. Takahashi (37)* said that he obtained uncompromising evidence of the fraud election by MUSASHI, and then young member's assocciation of a certain religious group went into his apartment and demanded to hand in the evidence. 

*Note: As for the journalist, it turned out to be Mr. Maehara (46) and the related Nikkei Newspaper article and a blog article is attached below.

There were some struggles and a shouting voice was heard from the apartment building, and the journalist was thrown out of the 7th floor window.

The police made the case as a suicide.


Where is democracy in Japan?

What does "fair" mean in Japan?


One mistake, the name of the 37 year old journalist was Mr. Maehara, not Takahasi.

From Nikkei Newspaper日経記事より

府営住宅から男性が転落死 大阪、2人組立ち去る

A man killed by falling off the apartment complex.  2 men were found to have left the site

2013/7/27 20:48


Around 1 pm on 26th, a man fell off from the 7th floor of Osaka Prefectural Apartment Complex in Osaka City, and died approximately 5 hours after that in a hospital.  Immediately after he fell off, 2 men were found to have walked away from the site, and Osaka Police Investigation Section 1 is looking for the 2 men who may be related to a possible homicide case.
According to the police, the man was Mr. Masasuke Maehara (46) with no occupation. The result of forensic autopsy showed that he died of acute traumatic shock by hitting his body hard to the ground. 


A passerby looked up the apartment building to find Mr. Maehara was hanging on the handrail of the 7th floor with his hands, and soon he fell off to the roof of bicycle parking. 

Another passerby saw 2 men coming down the emergency stairways and grabbed their bicycles to run away from the site.

A resident heard some argument.


July 29, 2013


The murder of a man falling off the 7th floor in the Osaka apartment complex was a manipulation to destruct the evidence from Abe supporting cult group!

The spot where the man got killed.

Investigation started with suspicion of homicide

He was hanging on the rail of the 7th floor and fell to the roor of bicycle parking

2 men ran away right after Mr. Maehara fell off.


Mr. Maehara who was a fan of Mr. Richard Koshimizu was forced to fall off from the 7th floor of Osaka apartment complex.  Prior to this, he was well prepared to expose the fraud of the election in the Upper House.  He got equipped with a digital camera, video tape, microcamera embedded in glasses which he purchased at a spy equipment shop, and was looking foward to the upcoming fraud election. 

On the day of the election, he went to the voting site, watched over the ballot box, and followed the ballot boxes and stayed at the ballot counting office.  Then he finally got the evidence of fraud election in his camera and video.


However, when cult member supporting Prime Minister Abe (related to CIA) and Soka Gakkai assacination team who found that out, they dashed to head toward Mr. Maehara's room on the 7th floor of the apartment building.

And they threatened, "We will kill you if you don't pass over the camera and video you captured the evidence of the fraud election!" 

However, Mr. Maehara refused.  The Soka Gakkai assacination team repeatedly bullied him by kicking and punching.  And they searched for the camera and videos and took him out of the room and threw him out of the 7th floor in accordance with the manual of Soka Gakkai assacination team.


According to a source in the neighborhood, after the shout saying, "You son of a bitch! You should pass your video as the evidence of fraud election!" and then there was a sound of a man who was beaten against the wall, followed by another shout, "I will kill you if you don't hurry up"
The last cry the neighboring resident heard was, "That election was a fraud!" from the man who was hanging on the rail of the 7th floor and then he fell to the ground.


On December 10, the notorious Secrecy Protection Law is to be implemented in Japan.

がおがお(°□°;) ANTI NWO! @gaogao_o  ·  12月3日

. 特定秘密保護法の施行日を2014年12月10日にした理由 ~不正選挙機密情報漏洩への罰則強化 .

There was an interesting opinion why the Secrecy Law is to be implemented on December 10, 4 days prior to the Lower House Election.

The government may aim to conceal unjust counting of election votes and shut the mouth of people who are engaged in computer work for counting the vote.




"MUSASHI is an outrageous company...Prime Minister Abe's father is actually a MAJOR STOCKHOLDER of MUSASHI.  The father passed away, so the current Prime Minister Abe must have inherited the stocks."


一国の総理大臣の持ち株会社が選挙の集計システムを独占している  >不正とつじつま合わせの300議席をマスコミが報道。インチキがばれないよう布石を打っているとしか思えない。国民は開示請求できる権利あるはず。

"Isn't it outrageous that a Prime Minister of a nation monopolizes the vote counting system, of which company's stocks are largely owned by Prime Minister Abe."

"Currently, major media are broadcasting ruling Liberal Democratic Party is going to win 300 seats, which solely seem to spread lies so that the unjust manipulation of the upcoming election cannot be revealed...People of this nation should be entitled to have the right to disclose the upcoming election's votes."


In the Tokyo Governor's election in 2013, Liberal Democratic Party Mr. Yoichi Masuzoe obtained 48% of the votes obtaned by the former Governor Mr. Inose in all the Tokyo 23 wards!



Bloggers to be punished??


I recently found the following Japanese newspaper article, which stated that bloggers will be subject to punishment.  How horrifying!!

Nov 15, 2013, "Akahata" newspaper



Punishment of the Bloggers Not Denied by the Japanese Government


On Nov 14, 2013, Cabinet Office Councilor, Mr. Yoshiyuki Suzuki did not deny the possibility of punishment against bloggers (critics on political matters on blog=simplified webpages) as subjects of Secrecy Protection Law.  In the Special State Security Committee in the Lower House, Mr. Suzuki stated, "It is difficult to provide an uniformed answer due to necessity of judgement on individual case." responding to the question by Diet member Mr. Toru Kunishige from Komei Party.  


Mr. Suzuki said, "If a blog with objective facts can be read by unlimited number of people and the blogger continues to put his/her articles on the blog, he/she can be fall under the category of those who are engaged in publication or journalism."


In another word, it was revealed that if the government administration specifies that a certain blogger is not applicable for "those who are engaged in pulication or journalism", he or she could be subject to punishment.


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