Books translated by Mari Takenouchi竹野内真理の翻訳本

Books translated by Mari Takenouchi 竹野内真理の翻訳本
『人間と環境への低レベル放射能の脅威(The Petkau Effect/ Original German: Der Petkau-Effect Katastrophale Folgen niedriger Radioaktivitat)』
『原発閉鎖が子供を救う(Radioactive Baby Teeth: The Cancer Link)』
『低線量内部被曝の脅威ー原発周辺の健康破壊と疫学的立証の記録(The Enemy Within)』


Please share! Coast guard injured a citizen in Henoko! 広げて!辺野古基地反対運動で海保の暴力でけが人!



On August 22th, Japan Coast Guard person violently grabbed a 32 year old canoe activist by the neck, which resulting in cervical sprain that would take 10 days to recover.

On August 29th, the 32 year old man along with his lawyers submitted a complaint to Naha Local Prosecutors' Office Nago Branch for crime of violence and humiliation resulting in injury.

A non-violent canoe activist was grabbed by his neck violently by Japan Coast Guard person.
Interview follows with bilingual video and text
(Photo from  Okinawa Times August 23, 沖縄タイムズ 8月23日)


The same Japan Coast Guard person is known to have done another violent act against an anti-base citizen before.  The guard pressed a citizen grabbing his glasses onto his face, which lead to bleeding, according to local people.

The canoe activist was diagnosed as "cerevrel sprain which would take 10 days to be recovered" at the hospital he went on the same day.

Interview video

Strangely, the sound became suddenly small, so I added the rough transcript. (not exactly word to word, but the content is accurate.)

Takenouchi: 8月23日、辺野古で大変な事件が発覚しました。カヌーで基地反対で非暴力的に抗議していた人が、海上保安庁の人員にゴムボートに暴力的に載せられ、頸椎をねん挫してしまったと言う事件が発生し、沖縄で大きなニュースになっています。

On August 23rd, a big incident took place in Henoko.  A non-violent canoe protestor was injured by Japan Coast Guard person which became a big news.  (Okinawa Times, Aug 23, 2014)


He is just in front of me and unfortunately, he has been suffering from cerevral sprain.
Please tell me what happened.


The man: I was doing opposition campaign on the canoe boat against drilling survey implemented at Bay of Oura, in Henoko on that day.


Then 2 Japan Coast Guard rubber boats came to my boat and sandwitched my canoe.


Then the personnel pulled my canoe boat using an iron bar.


And without any warrant or any legal backgroud, they tried to pull me into the rubber boat.


Next moment, one man was horseriding me and grabbed me violently and pulled me into the rubber boat forcibly and violently.


Then I felt pain in my neck and so I asked them, "Please hands off, since I am feeling pain."


Thus I was in their rubber boat, and though I made no resistance, the guard told me, "Do not resist!" and grabbed me down once again.


I was not resisting or anything, but the guard kept grabbing my neck.  At that time I was praying some media person was taking photo of them.

Then a media boat carrying a camera man approaced us and started to take photoes.


I hoped that the person would take the photoes of what was going on at that time.


When the media boat was approaching, then the guard patted me gesturing, "Are you OK?" and when the media boat was away, he started grabbing me strongly again.  The same thing happened two times.


When the media boat was away, the guard said to me, "Now the camera is gone, so you should not feel any pain."


I thought that the guard was saying as if I was telling lies.


Takenouchi: You mean, he said that as if you were lying


(The sound became strange from here at 9:15より)

竹野内の説明: つまりこういうことですね。海保の人は、彼が実は首が痛いなんてことはないんだけれどもお芝居をしているかのように状況を見せたがっていたという事ですね。

So the thing was like this. Japan Coast Guard man was trying to make look the situation as if he was not feeling any pain, but he was pretending and he was acting as if he had pain in his neck.


But actually he (the Japan Coast Guard person) was telling a lie.  I was feeling tremendous pain in my neck during that time. He was actually violently holding my neck.


Afterwards, I was taken away by the rubber boat and I was questioned by them.


They did questioning without legal background, so I was keeping my silence not telling my name and address.


Then the Japan Coast Guard man told me that he will take me to the special patrol boat
(translator's note:  I took the wrong word  "Fleet" but he meant he was about to be taken into a "patrol boat.")


I asked the man to take me back to the beach I started with other canoe men.


They finally took me back to the beach we started.  Before I was released, I told the man who violently held me.


I asked the violent man, "Please tell me your name and title."  When I asked questions, he kept silence.


He was not answering, so I asked the same question once again.


So I asked him "why are you keeping silence?  Why are you keeping me as in an unjust way?"


Then he asked me, "Would you like to go back to the off shore once again."


He was as if he would take me off shore and would do the violent things once again.



So I asked him to take me to the fishing's port with more people watching rather than the remote beach or remote off shore.


He finally took me to the fishing port.

When we arrived at the fishing port, he was very quiet and he became very gentleman-like. His attitude totally changed.


My commrades asked him, "Why did you capture him?  Please tell us your name and position."


But again, he did not answer anything.


I really wanted to get his answer, but since he didn't answer any, I got off from the rubber boat.


I told my commrades about what had happened and my problem, they suggested me to go to hosptal.


So I went to the hospital right away and the doctor diagnosed me that I had cervical sprain which would take for 10 days.


Since I got the diagnosis and wanted to tell the public what had happened at the site, I told the story to media people.


On the following morning, I saw my photo being attacked by the Japan Coast Guard man and I had the renewed feeling that it was horrible.


I really want to throughly find out the facts and pursuit this case.


This case is a very good example of Abe regime's high-handed political tactics to relocate Futenma air base to new Henoko base.


Majority of Okinawan people are against the construction of new base at Henoko after closing Futenma.


However, Mr. Nakaima, the governor of Okinawa, admitted the application for reclaiming the Henoko Sea at the end of last year.



(Translator's note:Sorry! My video translation was misinterpreted so here it is!

This is the denial of democracy which has been nurtured during the course of long years in human history.  Also this is quite a challenge for us seeing that the regime can violently change the decision.


I would like to continue this fight against the construction of US base, never never giving up.


I would like to take care of my neck and get recovered as early as possible so that I do not have to wear this corset and would like to go back to canoe team again.


So I would like to ask you a favor, to anyone in Japan or in the world.  Please be interested and do some kind of action. Please get to know this fact.


Please make a solidarity to change this situation.


I believe there are many things we could do-just by one person or by group of many people.


Let's fight together that we can achieve our real democracy.


Post Script by Mari Takenouchi


I do not know the details of this person, but local people told me that he had done another violent act against another protester who was wearing glasses.  The protester was captured by him who purposely pressed him hard above his glasses, and the protester suffered bleeding from the side of his eye.


On the other hand, the person injured this time was a man in his early 30s and he was quite sincere and gentle.


He told me that he was doing some studies/activities in pursuing the  responsibilities of Japan during the war of agression, insufficient post-war compensation, comfort women issue, and economical gaps on developing nations.
(Since I was also working on comfort women issue, I was happy to see our common points.)


He stressed that we need to focus more on Japanese responsibility as perpetrators against Asian nations. (I totally agree with him!)


He was very nice to my 4 year old son before and after the interview, and though I asked him, "Please never mind my son since your neck is injured," he was playing with my son.  My son was deligted and loved him!

Post Script 2


Currently, my twitter is controlled by someone and the number of followers are constantly decreasing in an unnatural straight line...and my tweets cannot sometimes be RTed according to some people who report me.


Likewise, my iphone seems to be behaving strangely with the sound suddenly becoming small or getting back to normal.  On this day, my video camera's battery was gone, so I was using my iphone...

Though 20% of the battery remained at the time when he said the last line, the sound system almost died away in the middle and then recovered...very strange...



The above video (24 seconds) shows the moment when the above canoe activist was violently captured by Japan Coast Guard man.  Strangely, if you look at youtube, there are many people who pressed Thumb Down.  Why?

I always feel resentment when there are people who press Thumb Down even on my 4 year son's video...


竹野内真理 8月25日、Mari Takenouchi August 25, 2014

For those who want to know the real history of Henoko, please take a look at the following 20 minute video!


True Henoko History 20分でわかる辺野古真実の歴史 


PM Abe to Dissolve Diet to Hide Scandal? 安倍首相は自らのスキャンダル隠蔽のため国会解散?(徹底調査されるべき!)

Nov 13, 2014, Updated 11月13日更新




Recently, 3 million US dollar tax evasion scandal of Prime Minister Abe covered in 2007 Weekly magazine, "Shukan Gendai" is being spotlighted.

I suspect this could be the reason for PM Abe to dissolve the Lower House at this timing.

Even if the Diet is dissolved, I strongly think his scandal should be thoroughly investigated!!!

★The entire article of PM Abe's 3 million (3 Oku Yen) tax evasion
激高で前回辞任理由が判明 !? ◆本誌が追い詰めた安倍晋三首相「相続税3億円脱税」疑惑(全文保存)

◆Youtube video where Prime Mister became furious when he was asked about the tax evasion



PM Abe and his financial management group was criminally charged by Tokyo University Professor etc at Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office!



Original is in Japanese and the English version was written by Takenouchi.

The following is the copy and English translated article of No-Boarder Reporters below. (original in Japanese)


Prime Minister Abe's fund management organization, "Shinwakai" has allegedly made false records on the political donation balance sheet, which lead to the criminal charge by University professors on August 18th.

The accusers are four people including Tokyo University Professor Emeritus Mr. Satoshi Daigo.
They accused against Shinwakai's accountant for falsified records and Prime Minister Abe for considerable negligence of supervision respectively to Tokyo Local Prosecutors' Office.


Mr. Daigo said that he decided to accuse them by reading the article of weekly magazine Sunday Mainichi in July.

In the article titled, "Suspicion of illegal donation to Prime Minister Abe by NHK chief producer," the donation from the NHK chief producer was described as "from a company executive," which lead to the controversy.

告発した東大名誉教授のブログ Blog of the Univ. Prof. accuser … 

告発状 Accusation (original, in Japanese)


Translator's comment:


I once heard a horrible story that a politician whose unjustifiable acts were about to be spotlighted was delighted to know that Fukui Great Earthquake (1946) took place which erased his scandal.


Now there is no coverage of Prime Minister Abe and NHK scandal.  Isn't it possible that both PM Abe and NHK are using the tragedy of Hiroshima landslide for hiding their own scandals?

From the blog of Mr. Satoshi Daigo, the professor emeritus of Tokyo University

Original is in Japanese and the English version was written by Takenouchi.


Prime Minister Abe's fund management group accused for false record

Aug 19, 2014


告発状、提出 Submission of Accusation

On August 18, four persons including myself with 8 representing lawyers submitted the accusation to Tokyo District Public Prosecutors' Office against Shinwakai (the fund management group for Prime Minister Abe) for falsified record of  2011 and 2012 political fund balance sheet that had been submitted to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, and against Prime Minister Abe, the representative of Shinwakai, for violation of duty of care.

 告発に至った経過 Process prior to the accusation
It all started with the article of July 27 issue of the weekly magazine Sunday Mainichi that revealed the fact that Seiwakai falsified the record of the donation in 2011 and 2012 with Mr. Yoshiharu Koyama, the NHK chief producer who described his status as "company executive" hiding his real status.

I was interviewed for this issue and came to be aware of this problem.  As was written in Sunday Mainichi, on July 10th, the following day of the interview by Sunday Mainichi, Shinwakai said that they corrected the description from "company executive" to "company worker" for Mr. Koyama and his wife Mrs. Maya Koyama.
However, the correct description of Mr. Oyama should be NHK staff member or corporation executive, so the renewed description of "company worker" is still a falsified one.

During our investigation on the 2011 and 2012 Shinwakai balance sheet listed on the URL of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, we found out that many descriptions on the donators' occupations were modified on July 18th.


Among the 16 modified occupational desctiption (excluding the same persons, 9 people's occupation titles during 2 years), there are examples where famous composer was written as company executive, or company executive corrected as "no occupation," company executive modified as "lawyer." 

These kinds of modification themselves show how Shinwakai's political fund balance sheet is flawed one, which should be applicable for the falsified descritption with serious negligence stipulated in Clause 2, Article 27 of the Political Fund Regulation Act.

In addition, it is strongly suspected that there was an intention to hide the real occupation of the donator by describing the NHK Chief Producer as "company executive" and then "company worker," which may be applicable to an intentional crime specified in paragraph 1 of Article 38 of the Criminal Codes.
Therefore, the four perople came to the conclusin to submit the accusation to Tokyo District Public Prosecutors' Office against Mr. X, the accused accountant of Shinwakai for violating Item 3, Paragraph 1, Article 25 of Political Fund Control Act (falsified description on political fund balance sheet) and against Prime Minister Shizo Abe for violation Paragraph 2, Article 25 of the same Act (Selection of the responsible accountant and the violation on duty of care on supervision) .


"Occupation" is also an important information for people to watch the government

There are some argument such as, "What is the big deal for mistaken description of titles?"  However, when we look into the book, "Casebook on Violation against Political Fund Control Act" (National Politics Information Center, 2012), there is a case in which the donator was described as company worker in stead of an associated person of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLITT), as "a violation of the Political Fund Control Act".
In this case, interpretation was provided on the fact that the fund management group of Mr. A, a member of Upper Council, had described the MLITT bureau chief and affiliated organization's director as "comapny workers". 


In case of Mr. A's Political Fund Report, most of donators' occupations were listed as "company worker," but among them, there were people who were actually the incumbent bureau chief of MLITT, executive director of a MLITT affiliated organization, a city mayor who used to work for former Ministry of Construction, a former Chief Engineer of Ministry of Construction etc.

Also included were the top personnels of Public Corporations which received fund and subsidies from the government. 

Mr.A used to work for the former Ministry of Construction and was elected as Upper House Councilor in 2007.  Most of the individual donators were Ministry of Construction related people who were also in close relationship with Mr. A.  

From this case, we can see that the occupations of the donators could become important information resource to criticize the collusion between political organization and donators/donator pretending as individuals representing corporation, and for people to watch and criticize ambiguous political procedures.

In this Shinwakai's case, the fact the NHK Chief Producer  who worked on popular programs such as "Project X," "Professionals," and "Family History" donated to the political group of the incumbent regime is an act which violates "NHK Broadcasting Guideline" and "Service Codes" with stipulation of political fairness, no bias on political parties, volantary/self disciplined principals, which could result in the viewers' distrust to NHK.
Moreover, "Fairness of Broadcast, No bias on political parties," "Prohibition of acts leadig to distrust," "Prohibition of concurrent posts" stipulated in the beginning of "NHK Broadcasting Guideline" are the rules which should be avided by "all the NHK staff with titles".


In addition, "Action Guidelines" stipulated by NHK says, "We shall avoid any act which could damage the trust of public broadcasting corporation in private life as well."


For the reasons mentioned in the above, the donation to Shinwakai by Mr. Yoshiharu Koyama is most probably violating "NHK Broadcasting Guideline", "Work Codes," and "Action Guidelines."


In this context, it is highly probable that Shinwakai's falsified description of Mr. Koyama's occupation as "company executive" could be applicable to the intentional crime hiding Mr. Koyama's aforementioned acts violating NHK compliance.


Furthermore, Mrs. Maya Koyama who is also a donator to Shinwakai is wife of Mr. Yoshiharu Koyama, and the mother of Mrs. Koyama is Ms. Birei Kin, a known ardent supporter of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. 

Considering these, it is almost impossible that Prime Minister Abe and Shinwakai's accountant Mr. X did not know the real occupation of Mr. Yoshiharu Koyama and probability of this case falling under the category of an intentional crime is hightened.


Correction of the description does not erase illegality


Some argue saying, "It is a groundless accusation because the party has already made the correction." However, such follow-up correction could become an element for extenuation of circumstances on judging the criminal responsibility, but cannot affect the approval or disapproval of the punishment under the common knowledge of law, which is also stipulated in the latter half of paragraph 2 of Article 27 in Political Fund Control Act.

In the aforementioned explanation of the case violating Political Fund Control Act, it is said, "Whether the accusation becomes punishable or not is judged at the time of the conduct, so even if the correction is made afterwards, the accused cannot avoid punishment.  Whether there was any intention or serious negligence at the time of the conduct (in this case, at the time of description) shall become the issue." (page 83)

告発状全文は次のとおり。The following is the entire accusation in Japanese